Mission Statement Who We Are

The Tepper Finance Group (TFG) is the largest finance organization within Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate community, and the parent organization for Tepper’s four undergraduate finance clubs. TFG operates through the following organizations:

  • Introductory Finance Society (IFS)
  • Investment Banking Academy (IBA)
  • Sales & Trading Academy (STA)
  • Tartan Student Fund (TSF)

TFG aims to foster a collaborative community for CMU students interested in finance and realize synergies from the combined clubs. We hold regular general body meetings, bring in guest speakers including local finance professionals and alumni, host case competitions, provide mentorship from older members, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with CMU alumni working in finance.

The TFG clubs operate with their own objectives and activities, while still collectively contributing to the good of the overall TFG community. TFG was founded in the spring of 2016 by the presidents of IFS (formerly the Undergraduate Finance Association), TSF, and IBA/STA (formerly the Wall Street Club).

Merger Why TFG?

Prior the Spring of 2016, the divisions of TFG operated independently. While each club enjoyed success on their own, it became clear there were inefficiencies in terms of overlapping events, external confusion and minimal collaboration between the clubs. The merger was initiated to maximize the coordination and collaboration between the CMU finance community and best equip its member students for futures in finance.